Forgotten Images of 2012

Like most photographers - amateur or professional, every year I shoot many thousands of images. Most of them are discarded for one reason or another, and maybe 1 in 100 will become a final image (if I'm lucky). There are some though, that while being good images, simply fall through the cracks.

There may be some niggling imperfection, or I have a very similar image that I decided to go with instead. They're not 'bad' images, by any stretch - and one or two I would really liked to have used, but simply couldn't justify two very similar images, even if I loved both.

I'm going to do a 'year in review' post, where I go through some of my favourite images of the year, but I also thought I'd draw some attention to the ones that haven't yet seen the light of day.

Rory, looking towards The Cobbler from Beinn Narnain. Metal t-shirt and horns obligatory. Ultimately rejected because I used a similar image. A shame because I really love this one!

Looking south from Beinn Dorain on a glorious winter morning. An amazing sight to behold - but lens flared to buggery and beyond.

The Arrochar Alps, seen in summer from Ben Lomond. A nice enough image, just forgot about it and figured it didn't really have enough punch to work well. Also, the annoying bit of hill on the bottom right.

Claire, in Dundee. Not sure what the tongue is about - but looks happy anyway!

Eglinton Park, North Ayrshire. Forgot about this one, and ultimately didn't grab me enough.